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            OUR PLATFORM

  • Direct public affordable housing for Low Income and moderate-income individuals. 

  • End all public subsidies for developments of market rate and luxury condos.

  • Black Lives Matter. PERIOD.

  • Healthcare For All.

  • Real Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

  • Fully funded public schools and universities.

  • Desegregate NYC Public Schools.

  • Equal funding of public schools.

  • Upgrade our Broken MTA system.

  • Extend  subway system into under served outer borough communities.

  • NO AIR TRAIN through our residential streets in East Elmhurst and Corona. 

  • End Super Delegates in the Presidential nomination process.

  • Free College Tuition.

  • End Lobbyist  and corporate influence on public policy.

  • Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform.

  • End mandatory minimums and reduce the outrageously high number of people  in our prison system.

  • End Barriers to Returning Citizens.

  • Pay Equity.

  • LGBT Rights.

The East Elmhurst Corona Democrats was founded to provide Community Democrats a real grassroots alternative to the political status quo. Our platform is consistent with the principle of Social Justice and Equality for all.

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